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We are one of the leading specialists in children’s swimming lessons across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, specialising in classes from birth up to eleven years old. We are a friendly,

family-oriented business with a chorus of exciting & inspiring teachers who are passionate about their role. We provide lessons seven days a week across numerous venues, teaching classes that are specifically designed to align with your child’s physical and cognitive development.

Tadpole Swim School's primary aim is to see as many children as possible enjoying and learning one of the most valuable of life skills. Not only are our classes fantastic fun and great for confidence building, they also offer wonderful bonding opportunities for our parents with younger children, whilst learning essential water safety skills.  

Our Levels

Tadpole Beginners
Birth up to
 8 months 
Tadpole 2-7
Babies up to
20 months
Little Frogs from 18 months
Big Frogs from 32 months
3 years plus
Primary age 

You can never be too young to start learning - our youngest ever Tadpole was just 8 days old when attending their first lesson with Daddy! A baby's brain develops enormously in their first year of life, and each lesson is purposely structured to aid and assist in this, whilst giving a physical work out, helping to develop their lungs and heart and stimulating and developing all 5 senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and sound!) With all this in mind and the fact that the NHS guidelines now state that babies do not need their vaccinations before they can swim – joining our lessons will set your little one up for a life time of fun in the water!

We have classes available for babies, toddlers and children right through to 12 years old,

running 7 days a week at our Guildford, Frimley, Farnham, Bagshot, Ewshot near Farnham Woking, Odiham Alton and Hindhead pools. 

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