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Our Tadpole classes consist of six different levels and are designed for babies who:


  •  have either progressed from our Tadpole beginners class,

  • have previously attended lessons elsewhere,

  • are slightly older so are more physically capable of picking up new skills and activities,

  • are regulars in the water.


By now, our babies will be feeling confident and will have learnt (or be learning) to hold their breath when they have an underwater experience.

Throughout the levels, your baby will have myriad opportunities to swim underwater including learning to swim solo, through a hoop and swimming with you underwater.

Babies are now stronger on their back and be able to support themselves more when they’re in the water.

Babies will learn blowing bubbles as breath control which is a huge part of swimming.

We will motivate your baby to continue splashing whilst encouraging the more specific movements of their arms and legs.

Activities will again be based primariliy on fun, with lots of singing, simple games and introducing new swim toys and aides.

Continuing to focus on water safety techniques, for example: how to enter and exit the pool safely, teaching your baby how to hold on and what to do if they were to fall into water..

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