When can my baby start swimming?

Your baby can begin swimming from birth provided that the pool is a hydrotherapy pool and over 32 degrees. The optimum time to start your baby swimming is before 6 months. But any age that they begin is beneficial to their water experience and learning this great life skill.

What does my little one need to wear in the water?

All our babies must wear two specialist swim nappies. This first is a disposable swim nappy or a liner these can be brought from most supermarkets. The second nappy is our SPASH ABOUT HAPPY NAPPY, this is a specialist nappy designed for baby swim schools. It has a tight seal around the cuffs and it must be a snug fit, unfortunately we can’t allow any room for growth as we need to minimize any leakages. These can be brought when you book your course or from our online shop. 

Your baby will not be allowed to enter the pool without a Happy Nappy on.

My baby has outgrown their Happy Nappy, how do I go about buying another one in time for our lesson?

You can purchase a new Happy Nappy from our online shop and it will then be brought along to your lesson for you, please specify your class time and day. Alternatively ring our office on 01420 481239 to order a new one.


What do I need to bring along with me?

As our changing rooms vary depending on our pools, we ask that you bring the minimum that you need for you and your baby. Your essentials are: 

Your disposable swimming nappy and Happy Nappy 
A towel for you and your baby 
Baby changing mat 
Your swim wear 

Does my baby need to be immunised before they start swimming?

There is no need for babies to have completed their first set of immunisations before swimming. Further research on this can be seen on the NHS website

What if my child has a cold or is feeling under the weather?

It is not wise to bring your little one swimming if they are suffering with anything more than a mild cold. Please consider the other little ones in your class as well as your own. 

Please do not bring your child swimming if they have any of the following: ear infection, chicken pox, diarrhoea, impetigo, chest infection, conjunctivas or a severe cold. 

You must leave it 48 hours before entering the pool if you or your child has had any sickness or diarrhoea.


What age can our child swim to?

We teach little ones from birth to 10years. Our lessons are age appropriate but if your teacher feels that you should be in another class she will let you know.

When shall I feed my child before their lesson?

All little ones should be fed at least an hour before their lesson, whether it is milk or solids. Babies should not swim on a full tummy.

Can I swim my little one outside of lessons?

We recommend that all our little ones swim outside of our lessons. It’s a great way to show your others what you have been learning so that they feel included and can see your achievements. The more you take your little one the quicker their confidence will grow and the better swimmer they will become. You will probably find that most pools are cooler so we recommend you buy a baby wrap as these will keep your little one up to 2 degrees warmer. You can purchase them from our shop.