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When can my baby start swimming?

Your baby can begin swimming from birth, provided the pool is warm enough. The optimum time to start your baby swimming is before 6 months but beginning at any age will benefit them.


What does my baby need to wear in the water?

All our swimmers that are in Tadpoles and Frogs must wear a SplashAbout Happy Nappy, which is a specialist nappy designed for baby swim schools. It has a tight seal around the cuffs, which must be a snug fit to minimize any leakages. Unfortunately, we cannot allow other brands. These can be brought directly from us when you book your course.

 Swimmers that are not potty trained will also need a disposable swim nappy or a liner under the SplashAbout swimwear please (These can be brought from most supermarkets), unless they have purchased a SplashAbout Happy Nappy Duo, which includes a reusable liner. 

Our teachers will not be able to allow your child to enter the pool without a correctly fitted Happy Nappy on.


My baby/toddler has outgrown their Happy Nappy, how do I go about buying another one in time for our lesson?

You can purchase a new Happy Nappy from our online shop and it will either be posted to you or sent along to your lesson, dependent on the timeframes, so please specify your class time and day at the point of ordering. Alternatively, you can call our office on 01420 481239 or email to order a new one.


Do you have changing tables at your venues?
There are no changing tables at any of our venues. For their safety, and following our governing bodies guidelines, babies attending our classes should be changed on a changing mat that is placed on the floor.


What do I need to bring along with me?

As our changing rooms vary depending on our pools, we ask that you bring the minimum that you need for you and your baby. Your essentials are: 

  • Your disposable swimming nappy and Happy Nappy (All Tadpoles & Frogs ) / Child’s swimwear

  • A towel for your child, and you if you are attending a parent and child class

  • Your swim wear, if you are attending a parent and child class

  • A baby changing mat, if you are attending a parent and child class

  • Goggles for you and any children attending classes from Big Frogs and above


What if I forget to bring my Happy Nappy to the pool with me?

We do have some limited stock onsite at our venues. Should we have a size appropriate option, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase one so that you can attend your lesson. Your invoice will be emailed to you post the class. Please note this is not guaranteed, if we do not have one suitable you will not be able to swim.

Does my baby need to be immunised before they start swimming?

There is no need for babies to have completed their immunisations before swimming, as recommended by the NHS Advice.

What if my child has a cold or is feeling under the weather?

It is not wise to bring your little one swimming if they are suffering with anything more than a mild cold. Please consider the other children in your class, as well as your own. 

Please do not bring your child swimming if they have any of the following: ear infection, chicken pox, diarrhoea, impetigo, chest infection, conjunctivitis, hand, foot & mouth or a severe cold. 

You must wait 48 hours before entering the pool, if you or your child has had any sickness or diarrhoea.

What age can our child swim with you?

We teach little ones from birth through to twelve years old, encompassing their first water experiences up to being able to swim at least 50 metres in all four strokes.  


When shall I feed my child before their lesson?

All children should be fed at least an hour before their lesson, whether it is milk or solids. Babies should not swim on a full tummy.


Can I swim with my child outside of lessons?

We absolutely recommend that all our children swim outside of their lessons. The more you take them, the quicker their confidence will grow and the better swimmer they will become. For babies & younger toddlers, you will probably find that most leisure centre pools are cooler than where you swim in your lesson, so we recommend you buy a wrap as these will keep your little one up to two degrees warmer. You can purchase these from our shop -


What happens if I miss a lesson?
We are unable to offer a class swap, credit or refund should you miss a lesson or are unable to attend. Further details of our policy on this can be found in our terms and conditions:


Do you offer trial classes?
Due to the way our classes are structured, trials or partial bookings are not something we are able to offer. Should you book onto one of our classes you will automatically be invoiced for all classes remaining at the point of booking. 

Is my child required to wear goggles and a swimming hat?

For children attending our Big Frogs & Toads classes, we highly recommend that the swimmers wear goggles, but they are not compulsory.

For children attending Toads classes at our FRIMLEY & ALL HALLOWS venues, wearing a swimming hat is compulsory for their lessons every week. Should you forget your hat, it is possible to purchase one poolside at the start of your lesson. You will be emailed an invoice post your class.  


Can I bring along a spectator? 

Our Toads swimmers are able to bring along one spectating adult per child only please – you are very welcome to alternate who spectates each week. Please note that as the accompanying adult, you are able to enter poolside before lessons commence to ensure you child is taken to the teacher and is safely waiting for the lessons to begin.

Our Frogs and Tadpole swimmers are able to bring along one spectator each week, as well as the parent who is joining the swimmer in the pool. Spectators for our Frogs and Tadpole classes should enter the building please 1-2 minutes afterthe lesson has commenced and should leave the building before the end of the class to prevent too many people being on poolside at one time. 


Can I take photos of my child in their lessons?

You are welcome to take photos and short videos of your own child, however, please ensure that only your child is captured in the footage.


I’m not ready to join classes just yet, what should I do?

Should you not yet be ready to join our classes, you can complete our waiting list form and we will regularly be in touch with availability for the following terms, when the dates are ready for release.  Our waiting list works on a first come, first served basis. 


Can I join a class after the term has started?

Our classes are structured so that a swimmer can join at any point throughout the term. Should you join a class mid-way through a term, you would only be invoiced for the number of classes remaining.


How can I see what progress my child is making in their Toads class?

At the end of each term, we will email you with your child progress report. This will detail their progress towards their class level milestones

If my child doesn’t like the classes, can I have a refund?

Once the term has already commenced, or if due to with six days or less, we cannot provide a refund or credit for the term that has been purchased. Please do bear in mind that is can sometimes take children a little while to settle into the class environment and structure, but we thoroughly recommend persevering to help your child gain this valuable life skill. 

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