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WHY SWIM WITH US- What makes us different?

Tadpole Swim School

When selecting your children's swimming lesson provider, it's important that you choose the company that best aligns with your needs and expectations. There is a lot of companies out there, so here let us tell you some things that you can expect with our classes:


  • We swim seven days a week, maximising the options we can offer to fit around your families' busy schedule. 


  • We swim at a range of venues, varying in size and setting, which allows us to provide an environment is that is most suitable for our swimmer's individual needs. 


  • We have a highly trained and dynamic teaching team, who strive to provide the best possible lesson for every one of their swimmers, and are equipped to support a range of needs utilising skills such as Makaton. 


  • A dedicated administration team, who are available Monday - Friday, to assist with any questions or queries you may have. 


  • 10% sibling discount for each sibling that is booked on for the same term.


  • Pools that are a minimum of thirty degrees, with a number being hydrotherapy pools, meaning that you don't need to be worried about your child being distracted by feeling cold.  


  • We offer a unique curriculum that is designed to follow your child's physical and cognitive development, taking them from their first water experiences at birth through to being able to swim competently and competently in all four strokes. 


  • We maintain small class sizes, ensuring an individual approach from our teachers for all. 


  • Termly progress reports are emailed to parents for our independent swimmers, allowing you to effectively track their progress within our programme.  


  • End of term certificates and badges are available, to celebrate all of our swimmer's progress. 

  • Group classes and 1-2-1 options are offered for children learning to swim independently. 

  • Holiday Intensive classes offered.

We very much welcome all enquiries and our admin team will be more than happy to talk through our programme and availability with you. 

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