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Little Frogs: young toddlers up to preschool age.

Big Frogs: Pre-Schooler/older toddlers – 4 years old.

Our Frogs classes are designed to encourage your toddler’s independence in the water with the safety net of Mum or Dad being in the water with them.  There are two groups which are established based on the children’s age and physical capabilities.


In these classes, we really hone in on the fact that toddlers just love to play and use this to help them learn whilst having fun and interactions with their peers - this way, our swimmer’s confidence grows quicker and they will be swimming with a smile on their face.  

Lots of our activities are based on games and singing and what we want to see is them kicking their legs, moving their arms, blowing their bubbles, jumping in and chasing toys, all whilst singing, shouting and laughing at the top of their voices.


We want to see all our frogs taking little swims on their own, learning breath control and swimming on their own with a woggle, float and unaided.

Throughout our Frogs classes, our toddlers begin to form their own swimming style and you’ll be able to see their stamina increasing and their swims getting longer and longer.

We’re encouraging children to be happy and confident putting their faces in the water and blowing bubbles.

All of our toddlers will be learning more skills and becoming more safety conscious in the water, as well as starting to learn lifesaving skills.

We want to give our Big Frogs as much independence as possible whilst starting to focus on technique as we start to prepare them for when they’re ready to join our TOADS and have lessons all by themselves.

We help them to develop their  balance and coordination further and to move smoothly and streamline through the water.

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