Our Toad / Junior classes are designed for primary aged children that are ready to learn and develop their skills in swimming, irrespective of whether they have received lessons previously or not. These classes are smaller, so the teacher can really focus on your child and give them the confidence and encouragement to get those legs off the pool floor and swimming. We still keep with our tadpole ethic: to get your little one swimming with a smile on their face, so you can be assured that even though you’re not accompanying them in the water, they will still be having fun which will really enhance their learning.

As our Toads now have the muscle physique to be able to swim by themselves on top of the water, the majority of our activities are aimed to encourage and develop this. Most of our Toads will have progressed from parent and baby classes and will have gained their own independence in the water on a woggle or a float. We continue to encourage your child to use these but in a far more specific way to encourage the first steps of swimming. We will be looking at the four major strokes: front crawl, back crawl, foggy legs and the dolphin kick.


We will help build your child’s trust and confidence whilst keeping them fully engaged, using simple key words to help your child to respond directly to their teacher. Using repetition with progressions, your child’s swimming skills will advance naturally through-out the stages.

Toads 1

We’re encouraging and progressing towards:

  • children to be happy putting their faces in the water and blowing bubbles

  • Independently and confidently jumping in

  • Getting those legs of the ground to swim 8 meters front and back crawl

  • Learning our froggy arms

Toads 3

We’re encouraging and progressing towards:

  • Swimming 25m front crawl and back crawl

  • Combining our breaststroke arms and legs

  • Treading water for 10-15 seconds

  • Confident and independent in the water from their teacher

  • Diving from a sitting position

  • Enhancing our learning of butterfly kick

We’re encouraging and progressing towards:

  • A beautiful streamline position on fronts and backs

  • Learning back crawl arms

  • Swimming distances of 10-15 metres consistently

  • Gaining confidence in the water without teachers assistance

  • Beginning to learn breast stroke legs

  • Beginning to learn butterfly kick

Toads 2

Toads 4

We’re encouraging and progressing towards

  • Swimming 50m front crawl and back crawl

  • Swimming 25m breast stroke and butterfly kick

  • Treading water for 15-20 seconds

  • Confident and independent in the water from their teacher

  • Diving from a sitting position

  • Building stamina and long-distance swimming