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Tadpole Swim School is a family run business which was established in 2012 by Becky & Keith Harrison-Smith who are the proud parents to four boys Zachary, Ollie, Arlo and Miller. The are aged between eleven and three, so have given the pair plenty of practice and are all regular testers for curriculum additions and changes!

Their objective was to create a fun and relaxed swimming school that would encourage children to reach their full potential, both in and out of the water. Becky had held various swimming instructor positions over the years but felt strongly about starting her own swim school, which would allow her to add her own touch to the lessons and develop her ethos of learning through play. 

Their objective has been achieved through the use of fun and structured lessons that are taught by teachers who have a real passion for ensuring their charges gain water confidence and vital swimming skills that will last them a lifetime. 

The school has continued to grow and prosper and is now responsible for teaching over 600 children, across a multitude of locations.  Whilst some of the school’s practices have had to be adapted to allow for the growth, the attitude and approach of the team remains the same – fun first.

After all, happy Tadpoles make confident swimmers.



Becky is the swimming half of the husband & wife team. As well as being Mum to her four boys and running Tadpole Swim School, she is also the team manager for Surrey Storm netball super league team, as well as being a keen netball player herself.



Ella is a teacher for children at our Toads level and brings with her vast experience in the water, particularly open water swimming. She'll also be working with Becky to develop some parent confidence classes, which we are asked for constantly! 






Susie is a mum of two who joined the team after attending lessons with us with her son, when he was just 10 weeks old. Susie loves teaching children and watching them develop in to confident swimmers. 



Alina has been with us since January 2016. She is a mum of two and prior to working with us, worked with children in schools as an LSA and with the younger ones in nursery. She loves seeing her swimmers grow in confidence in the water.



Katie is Mum to two boys and as well as teaching our swimmers, also runs her own antenatal classes for parents to be and baby classes. She is an avid swimmer and brings the knowledge she has acquired on baby development to her swimming lessons. She will also be working with Becky to develop our own aqua-natal classes in the future



Tracy is a parent and a very experienced swimming teacher who is passionate about our ethos and the desire to get all children swimming safely. Teaching all levels, you'll see Tracy at a number of our locations. 








Owner-Business Operation

Keith holds responsibility for the operations side of the business, encapsulating all technical, (including website and database), financial, health and safety aspects and pool operations. He is also a coach and Chairman for Headley Football Club. 






Essie is a swimming teacher and a Nanny who enjoys teaching children and parents key skills that they can use in their day to day lives. When not working, you cannot keep Essie out of the water as she is also a fan of Kayaking!


Client Administrator 




 Glaucia is our newest addition to the team. She has a very fulfilling role within the care industry but wanted another opportunity to expand her skillset and give her a chance to work with children, which she is very passionate about. Glaucia will be utilising her skills as an experienced mother and carer to nurture our swimmers and get the best out of them whilst they learn to swim.



Do you have a love of swimming and a genuine desire to work with babies and children?

Click here to find our about becoming a swimming teacher with Tadpole Swim School.



Timony is a very experienced swimming teacher, having previously run her own classes when living abroad. She is also a Mum of two and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for our swimmers to benefit from. 



Eleanor has recently joined our team and brings with her a wealth of experience.  She used to swim competitively for both Farnham and Alton Swimming Clubs and this love of swimming led her to take her swimming teacher qualifications. She has been teaching various levels for the last two years and is now bringing her knowledge to Tadpole Swim School.








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Happy Tadpoles Make Confident Swimmers