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Class Overview

Our classes are designed to give your children the best experience in the water whilst they learn to swim. The lessons are structured into five levels, which are organised according to our swimmer’s age group, physical capabilities and experience in the water.
Tadpole Beginners


Babies under 10 month, who have had little experience in the water and no previous lessons.



Babies 6 -18 months, who enjoy the water and are looking to gain confidence and progression in their capabilities whilst learning new skills.



Toddlers aged between 18 months – 3.5/4 years and are split between Little and Big Frogs, dependent on age and physical capabilities.



Our Pre-school Toads classes are designed to be our swimmer’s initial foray into independent swimming and are for children aged 3.5 years - five years, who are water confident. We keep our Big Frog ethic and fun is at the heart of the classes, all whilst providing the children with the opportunity to stretch and develop their swimming ability.



Our Juniors programme for independent swimmers. Toads Preschoolers and primary aged children from complete beginners through to competent swimmers.

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